Creating and managing websites

The Internet became an important part of our everyday life, the intelligent using of this media may significantly improve the commercial and corporate communication.

IT Monza creates websites. We study your needs and your goals, and when creating websites we use the most modern existing technologies. They make it possible to create animations and different graphic effects that will make the website’s graphics much more dynamic and modern.

To provide additional security to our customers, all websites designed by us are platforms. This means that before they are published online, they are carefully tested on the basic internet browsers for operating systems Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, etc.

IT Monza also achieves restyling of already existing websites to upgrade graphics, online store, or database.

Our way of working:

We are closely working with the customer to achieve the desired goal. This is what we aim to when we are working on a new website. Only after carefully researching the customer’s expectations and requirements we can offer a solution which will lead to desired results.

We guarantee the designing of a website with professional graphic, which meets the customer’s requirements, easy for service, thanks to our CMS solutions, a perfect communication tool – usable and accessible.