The internal organization of companies choosing to make a PBX allows achieving significant economic benefits on saving time and money which leads to increase business productivity by improving communication with customers and suppliers.

It’s fundamental to be able to recognize the correct PBX and to figure out the characteristics.

IT Monza can help you in selecting the PBX you want, installation, programming and service activation.

n addition, thanks to new technologies based on internet like Voice over IP (voice over internet protocol), simply known as VoIP, it’s possible to make a phone call using internet connection. Advantages over the traditional telephony are:

  • Nullify the cost of the call between the headquarters of the same company

  • Reduced costs for long distance calls

  • Reduced costs of infrastructure: When the IP network is already established, it does not require another infrastructure

  • New, more advanced features

  • The introduction of new options does not require hardware replacement