Hardware and Software supply

As an operator in this sector, IT Monza deals with hardware and software supply. The company is able to offer a wide selection for all informational purposes.

Our company offers their experience in the hardware area to suggest a prompt, comprehensive, and efficient service from high quality by using the best brands materials.

IT Monza designs, assembles and makes configuration of every kind and nature, from server to tablet, based on specific customer requirements.

We are able to provide competitive prices:



  • Operating systems

  • Office Package

  • Antivirus - Firewall (we are partner and authorized reseller of Eset NOD 32)

  • Database

  • CAD - CAM



  • Server, Personal Computer, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet

  • Peripheral devices (scanner, stampanti, monitor)

  • Network equipment (switch, router, access pont)

  • Components (memory, readers, and recordable CD/DVD, network cards, video cards, and others)



  • Optical media

  • Flash devices

  • Tape backup

  • Batteries

  • Toner for printers


Last but not least we are very experienced with Freeware and GPL and we are able to reduce your expenses for software to minimum by offering you programs with the same characteristics but with free license.