Networking | Server and network services

For your network we can offer you a complex service which includes design, installation, and configuration of active components (switch, router, firewall..)

We build:

LAN networks

  • Local networks with internet access, different kind of line - ADSL, HSDPA, HDPSA, optic cable, coaxial cable, etc., from every Internet provider.

  • Router configuration

  • Installation and configuration of devices for Firewall


Connection between long distance offices

  • Between plant and offices via VPN

  • Implement a system for remote access VPN for employees and business networks


Rack cabinets

  • Installation and configuration of individual switches, consistent with VLAN

  • Installation and configuration of equipment to monitor the locker room to network and CED


Wireless LAN

  • Implementation of Wireless related offices

  • Items with radio data type of wireless for connection of relatively distant headquarters