Host services

The service web hosting is a type of web hosting service which allows the customer to make accessible their own website via World Wide Web (WWW).

We can offer you:

  • Registration and maintenance of Internet domain: internet: .bg .com .net .org .eu .biz .info .in .mobi .me .us .asia .tel .tv .cc .bz .name
    .ws .co .xxx

  • Services to register a personal email

  • Services for publishing websites

  • Database

  • Cloud Computing

Private individuals and small companies have needs that differ from the medium and big companies. That’s why every single hosting service is configured based on your requirements. Depending on your requirements, we can offer you shared hosting server or personal server on the following systems:

Linux or Windows depending on the requirements: support for PHP, Perl, Python, and Ajax, data management with database MySQL or Microsoft SQL.